Fast, Efficient, Flexible Capital A working capital loan, also known as Merchant Cash advance, is a short-term financing option for a business’s day-to-day needs. All businesses need capital to function and grow. Funds can be used to pay for all

Access Cash When You Need It A business line of credit is a financial product that allows a business to borrow a specific amount from a lender (banks/Online Lender) on demand. The Business may reduce the line of credit if

Affordable Business Financing A term loan is a loan of money that is repaid periodically over a period of time. Term loans typically have a term of one to ten years, but in some cases can last longer. Term loans

Buyout Loans for Merchant Cash Advances (MCA Buyout Loans) Loans with Daily Payment Buyouts Are you a business owner who wants to refinance a daily payment merchant cash advance loan? Would you like to combine several or all of your

Maximize Your Leverage Asset-based lending is a type of financing in which the lender provides credit to the borrower against the borrower’s assets as collateral. Assets can be physical assets such as inventory, equipment, real estate, or financial assets such

Funding for Your Start-up Business I am ready to follow my entrepreneurial dream of opening a new business. Surveyed potential customer base. Optimized products and services. We also analysed the strategies local small business owners are using to succeed in

Uncle Sam Will Back Your Business The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a government agency that offers several loan programs to help small businesses secure financing. These loans can be used for various purposes, including working capital, business expansion, equipment

Restructure Your Debt Our partners offer structured senior loans tailored to a company’s capital needs. Solutions can take the form of senior loans, second loans, or a combination of both, depending on the funding situation. In the financial sector, senior

Leverage Your Investments This type of loan is protected by securities held in a portfolio to ensure that liquidity needs are met without disrupting investments, investment strategies, asset allocation, or causing unintended tax consequences. It has been. Let’s walk you

Expand Your Empire When you’re ready to take your business to the next big step, trust Benifyt to provide financing to strengthen the foundation of your growing business. Merger and Acquisition Financing helps business owners acquire partners, grow through acquisitions,