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Yes, you can! We offer both a fully automated process or a more involved Concierge approach.

YES, Benifyt has been able to help many clients with a less than perfect credit history.

Yes, our lender network offers many products that can help you, no matter the current situation.


Our network of lenders is unable to help fund start-ups. However, if you have been open for at least three months and can provide official documentation of your sales history, you are a candidate and should not hesitate to apply. In fact, it will be a short and simple process.

Our network of lenders requires at least 51% ownership to close on a deal. In some cases, they would require 80%. Call us at +1(704)-448-6699 for any additional questions you may have.

No. We happily accept all documentation sent to us by fax or e-mail to our secure server.

Our network of lenders can approve and fund in as little as 24 hours. An average funding time-frame is 2-4 business days.


No, Benifyt doesn’t charge any fees to apply for any of the small business loan programs our network of lenders offers.

Benifyt doesn’t directly charge any additional fees.

Benifyt has a vast network of lenders with over 10 different business funding programs, each with its own rate and terms. Our representatives do their best to find the most aggressive offers for our clients regarding the cost of funding.


No, there is no fee to close the account if you’d like to pay early. As a matter of fact, a Benifyt representative will often work with the lender to provide you with a discount when you pay early.


Benifyt’s network of lenders has programs that offer this feature and some that don’t. Depending on the client’s needs, we place them into the appropriate program to fit those needs.

No, there isn’t. Benifyt’s lender network has many funding programs that offer a discount to pay off early, so YOU SAVE!

A qualified Benifyt representative will review your account with you and help find a program that will fit your scenario without overextending your business.

Our network of lenders offer programs that do not have a personal guaranty or collateral, and they also offer programs that do. These details will depend on the type of financing you are looking for and will be communicated to you by our funding experts, verbally, and in writing.

To expedite approval and funding, we encourage you to submit all requested documentation within 1 (one) day of submitting the initial application.


Our network of lenders has repayment options that include daily, weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly.

The simple answer is NO! We work with many providers that do not require a change to your payment systems. However, if you did want to see if Benifyt could save you money on your current merchant account we’re always glad to help facilitate lower-cost options!

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